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About us

Hi! We're a small, family run business based in Strabane, Co. Tyrone. We opened our bricks and mortar store in Strabane in December 2009. It was a fairly uncertain time to open a new business as we were right in the middle of a major recession!

We have had an unwavering love of our own pets throughout this time, which has inspired us to push for better products for them and the pets you care for. 

The dreaded Covid 19 was a big turning point for us as we'd never even considered selling online (we love when customers call in to our store in Strabane!). The need was there however as we had to get supplies to many of our regular customers who simply couldn't get out.

This website has been developing since that. We only put products on the site that is on our shelves instore. These have been tried and tested and we've had loads of feedback so are confident to send them out!